Why should I buy IAQ Sensor?

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Why should I buy IAQ Sensor? 

We spend 90% of our time indoors, and the air quality of the environment we live in is crucial, especially in the post covid world. When indoor air quality is properly monitored in commercial buildings and action is taken according to the results obtained, the performance of the employees, their loyalty to their company, and their overall well-being increase significantly.

Thanks to indoor air quality monitoring, you can continuously observe the pollutants in indoor air, gases as well as humidity and temperature in real-time. In this way, whenever you encounter a suboptimal value, you have the opportunity to take action directly, therefore, creating a healthier environment for your employees. Employees working in a healthy atmosphere directly increase their job performance, which leads to fewer sick days, more productive work, and more satisfaction with their work environment. In this way, you can increase the overall performance of your company.

In addition, IAQ sensors directly help save energy. For example, a study conducted in five UK cities found that companies were paying about £60 million ($85 million) in unnecessary energy bills every year. Thanks to IAQ monitors, it is easier to detect and intervene in a place where more energy is consumed than necessary. The energy savings you make through IAQ monitoring provides you a constant financial advantage against your competitors.

You can eliminate site visits and save time and money. While providing these savings, you can also take steps to make your building sustainable. With Sensgreen IAQ sensors, monitoring your building's energy consumption, space occupancy patterns, air quality levels, and operational inefficiencies allows you to take actions that will affect your sustainability scores.



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